sue a beggar and catch a louse

1639 J. CLARKE Parœmiologia Anglo-Latina 72 Sue a begger and get a louse.

1659 J. HOWELL Proverbs (English) 2 Goe to Law with a beggar, thou shalt gett a lowse.

1732 T. FULLER Gnomologia no. 4285 Sue a Beggar, and catch a Louse.

1819 SCOTT Bride of Lammermoor iii. I guess it is some law phrase—but sue a beggar, and—your honour knows what follows.

1937 R. WINSTON It’s a Far Cry xi. Such suit would have been useless as he was insolvent. The case indeed would have been the old one of suing a beggar and catching a louse!

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